Sunday, October 19, 2008

Justice for All

Okay, okay, okay...I admit it, I've been bad about updating this blog. I've been fairly busy of late with once again taking a course at Pitt in addition to working full-time and staying active with Friends of Danang. I was also recently part of a panel discussion at La Roche College, called Reconciliation and Healing: Remembering Vietnam. I met some amazing people can see some of them in the photos that are posted here. The Vietnamese women told very powerful, moving stories about their own challenges due to Agent Orange exposure, and what they're trying to do to help others who are also afflicted...including those not yet born, since the birth defects caused by Agent Orange exposure have not stopped. This is due to a variety of factors: the big one is that the US military left tons of the stuff behind, and didn't clean it up.

Basically, we're still killing and maiming Vietnamese people some 33 years after the fall of Saigon.

There's more about the Agent Orange campaign here.