Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Music and Grocery Stories

I've been busying myself with writing this semester. (Eventually I will post some of that work here, I'm thinking.) Tonight, in a fit of cabin fever, I drove to Whole Foods in East Liberty, about a fifteen-mile drive from my--God help me!--suburban apartment. I'm growing more and more tired of not being in the city, where just about everyone I know lives. I heard the goofiest stuff on the radio on the way there, including The Cars and, once I got to Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield, Stevie Wonder.

Once I walked into Whole FoodsI had no idea what I was in there for, other than body lotion, so I picked up some vegetable soup base, a grapefruit, a frozen Indian entree, some arborio rice for making risotto--but I couldn't find the dried porcini mushrooms I needed. I wasn't too concerned. I was enjoying the music. I heard things in there that I haven't heard in years, like "Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star. I was in my happy place.

I rounded the salad bar and saw a tall, familiar-looking man. He was a poet, I was sure, who was at a poems for peace event I went to last year. Then I was convinced he was Chevon Troutman, who'd played basketball for Pitt. I strolled my cart around to the desserts across from the salad bar, and I heard him say, "In Country: A Vietnam Story." And I knew! He worked on the music. And I jumped right into that conversation. He was talking to a woman who works at WQED, Jocelyn Hough, who is one of those people that knows so many of the same people I do, but I hadn't met her. Until tonight.

They mentioned that "In Country" is re-airing on WQED in February. And that I should shop there more often. And move back into the 'hood.

Here are the air dates I found on another web site--I hope they're right, and it'd be a good idea to double-check with in a few weeks:

In Country: A Vietnam Story, Thursday, February 22 at 8pm; Friday, February 23 at 10pm, Saturday, February 24 at 1am; and Sunday, February 25 at 3pm.
In this encore airing, WQED's Chris Moore returns to Vietnam for the first time since serving during the Vietnam conflict in this moving documentary. Chris is joined by his two closest friends - Andrew Boone and Leroy Perry - as well as a humanitarian group of Vietnam veterans. Together they rediscover a country and its people last seen through the harsh lens of war.

Friday, January 12, 2007

On TV again

Last night we had a Friends of Danang meeting at Thanh's house in Bloomfield. I got to meet the beautiful baby girl Thanh's niece Tuyet was carrying on our trip last March. She's a baby with black hair and huge rosy cheeks and dimples on her wrists and big, dark eyes and a huge smile. I remember Tuyet's gauzy maternity tops and thinking how gutsy she was for traveling that far and being out in that heat. But that's Tuyet's home, Vietnam, and last night when I talked to the baby I told her how she was on that trip with us.

While we were talking, someone came downstairs and said that we were on TV just then. "In Country: A Vietnam Story" has been re-airing on WQED--I had no idea it was on last night. I just checked the schedule and it will be re-airing one more time: this weekend late late Saturday (actually Sunday at 1am) on Pittsburgh station WQED Multimedia Channel 13.

It should be getting picked up by other public television stations across the country on a station-by-station basis. (It won't be on a PBS series, but will be put on a satellite feed where public stations can view it and decide if they want to air it.)

Monday, January 08, 2007

Just a photo

I've been meaning to write, really. I'm going through one of those phases where I'm having a hard time getting words out. So here's a photo of Freddy and Mom: